Company Overview

Rushmore Digital was founded in 2002. The company creates online software solutions to every day business dilemmas. We are proud with paying careful attention to details and providing superior customer service. Our ultimate goal is to assure a superior level of software services, providing wide scope of online event registration and guest management services and offering client specific implementation of their entire working process.

Tsvetelin, Technical Director

Tsvetelin started with Rushmore Digital from the beginning of the company as a senior developer and has more than 8 years experience in software development area. As the company's tech in chief he is responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the company's product to the marketplace by managing technical risks and opportunities. Typically he has a leading role in making key software design and implementation decisions within the development teams. His other key activities include scheduling of tasks including tracking dependencies and managing change requests. He is also involved in guaranteeing quality of deliveries and training up the team in best technical practices.

Pam, Project Manager & Customer Service

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Pam uses her 8 years of experience as Project Manager for Rushmore, to assist our clients in finding the best solution for their online event registration and evaluation process. Her commitment to excellence and goal-driven nature are the driving force behind developing the company know-how to help our customers improve their events performance.

Diana, Quality Assurance and Customer Support

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Diana has been working for Rushmore since it has been established in 2002. During the product's lifecycle the main scope of her responsibilities lied within the product quality assurance and testing activities – creating test-plans, executing tests and producing post-testing documentation. Currently she is also performing effective customer support on online event registration and evaluation projects, creating documentation and providing assistance on various projects.

Relax, we'll do it for you

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More and more event organisers are benefiting from online event registration services. Benchmark across a number of events - compare performance across any number of categories - Suppliers, Products, Venues, Hotels, Speakers, Event Managers - take your pick, the choice is yours.

Solutions that count:

  • Register - Streamline your online event registration processes and web marketing!
  • Evaluate - What was achieved?
  • Easy Forms - Organize your online event registration faster than ever!