SMS Messaging

The 'SMS Messaging' feature is a powerful capability that enables you to send short message service (SMS) messages and notifications to targeted delegates/guests' mobile phones before, during and after your event.

Main Benefits:
Instantly communicate marketing messages to delegates, e.g. a welcome note, conference updates or last minute changes and even permit delegates to express choices through an SMS response

Enhanced security, e.g. personal security codes can be communicated to guests directly, not to an inbox

Faster and highly targeted communication channel

Improved delegate experience and overall customer service

24/7 accessibility

Available to all delegates with a mobile phone

Automate message sending upon task completion, i.e. rule-based

Retain control as message content and sending is managed by you

How Does it Work?
Minimal setup and easy to manage.

Simply select the delegates, type a communication and send.

What Does it Cost?
A small set up charge and just 10p per message.

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