Market your event: "Tell A Friend"

"Tell A Friend" is a simple social marketing approach enabling guest numbers to potentially snowball.

Referrals have always been a powerful way of securing customers. This is especially true for the web, where a visitor’s initial trust can be very low for new visitors.

In this environment, a referrals from trusted sources can make all the difference in converting visitors to customers. In fact, ‘tell-a-friend’ referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.

How Does it Work?
This service allows guests and visitors to share your event with friends, colleagues or partners.

The idea is simple - you place a "Tell A Friend" link or button on your event website, the invitation email or in the confirmation emails sent to guests after they register.

When your guests refer anyone, they simply click a link, populate a short form to invite their friends, colleagues or partners.

Advantages & Benefits
Highly customizable
"Tell A Friend"can be a link, a button, even a picture. You can create a 'look and feel' to match your event/company branding.

Maximum Impact
A "Tell A Friend" link can be placed all over your event – on the website, in the invitation, within confirmation receipts and in reminders.

Delegate Buy-in
Easily empower delegates to refer friends by offering incentives like discounts, vouchers, freebies and other rewards.

Multiple Languages
Offer "Tell A Friend" in the language of your site. Rushmore can give your community of users the power to share and recommend your site and its content in their local language.

Simplicity - No integration or coding required

Monitor Stats
Monitor usage statistics via reports in the administration area and improve your event content to make your campaign more effective.

What Does it Cost?
It's free! The basic "Tell A Friend" service is a bolt on capability provided by Rushmore Digital. Rushmore’s standard events packages automatically include this capability as a basic service. More complex variations are available. Please ask us.

Who should you call to find out more?
Call Pam - 0203 004 2645 or

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